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TCS Xtraordinary ParentÖMr. Mark Boyce, a Daughterís Perspective

My dad, Mark Boyce first came to Tabernacle as a 6th grader to participate in the Awana Olympics. However, it wasn't until 1988 as a junior in college that he and his parents joined Bible Baptist Tabernacle, the ministry that would become foundational in their lives. After graduating from North Carolina State University in 1990, Dad returned to 2900 Walkup Avenue and began teaching science and math.  Although he retired from teaching when I was born in 1997, his first and favorite little girl ( JK, Taylor), Dad in no way retired from service to TCS. From the beginning, he was involved in Bible club, eventually heading it up, and his children became his inspiration. We'd tell him what games we liked, what we didn't like, and what we'd like for him to do. He listened to our suggestions, and created an enjoyable way for children to hide Godís word in their hearts.


For as long as I can remember, Dad has followed Pastor Leonardís advice and not allowed for empty spaces. He always seems to be moving or doing something of value.  In fact, always being involved is one of his lifeís mottos. I don't remember his ever just sitting and watching us do anything. He has always played a major role.


When I turned five, Dad started the elementary ball leagues.  He'd wake up early on Saturdays to clean the gym and set up before anyone else arrived. After each sport, he'd go over to my grandpa Howard's house and sit for hours typing names for countless plaques and trophies.  When Taylor graduated from the sixth grade and was no longer eligible for elementary ball or Bible club, Dad stepped down, and became involved in our high school sports. He has coached several teams including volleyball, and basketball. If he isnít coaching, he is either announcing or being a ball boy or running the field to catch our balls to keep the game moving.  He has also taken charge of the baseball and basketball concession stands with respect to scheduling workers.  Dad is the president of the TCS Booster Club, and through this organization, he organizes the talent show, grandparents day, school lunches, and teacher appreciation week. Everything he does, he does with his whole heart, and he makes sure at the end of the day, whether he is talking to his own children or a group of teenagers, that we know Christ should have preeminence in all.


When I was little, I used to believe nothing was impossible for Dad. However, as I have grown  older, realizing human limitations, I know there are some things outside his reach. Still, if we are involved, you can be sure he will try.


In 1992, my dad married the most beautiful girl in the world, my mom Crystal Howard Boyce. Mom was born and reared around Tabernacle. She worked in the daycare when she was in high school and helped in the many bus routes we used to have.  When my dad started his involvement at TCS, my mom joined right in.  While he was cleaning the gym before elementary ball, she was at home getting us dressed.  While he was preparing for his Bible Club lessons, she was making sure we knew our sections. They are truly a great team!

When Dad stepped down from elementary ball and Bible club, Mom followed him into varsity sports. While he coached us, she washed and prepared our uniforms. They have spent countless nights washing and hanging jerseys. When dad took over getting volunteers for the concession stand, mom was the first to volunteer.  I canít remember anything my dad has been a part of in which she didn't help in some way.  When Mom and Dad donít have an activity in the works, they find another area of need and dive in head first. This year, Dad has helped me edit the Rampage and saved me from silly mistakes countless times. In spite of  a busy schedule I've never doubted that my dad truly loves  his God, his family, and his friends. He is always willing to  help those in need. I could write a book about how wonderful he is. I am truly blessed to have Mark Boyce as my father.

Tori Boyce.

Class of 2015