Christian Schools of Monroe NC

Because life is important, but ETERNITY is EVERYTHING

Each day, the TCS campus is filled with the excitement of students learning. Our godly teachers are focused, not only on the success of each child’s education, but on their spiritual condition as well.  Our educational process keeps God forefront of all studies.  We firmly believe that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom".  While some schools may afford their students with an education that may prepare them for life, we strive to give them a two-fold education that prepares them for life AND ETERNITY.

We are not just a Christian school:  we strive to keep Christ at the forefront of everything.  "In the beginning God ..." is a wonderful way to begin everything.  Consider the following steps we have taken to KEEP Jesus Christ first at TCS:

  1. Each day begins with prayer
  2. Each day begins with 2-4 chapters of systematic Bible reading  *** This enables  the Bible to be entirely read approximately one time every four years.
  3. AFTER prayer and Bible reading, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday begin with Chapel for 6-12 grades.  Tuesday and Thursday are reserved for Bible class.
  4. Every Friday begins with Chapel for K5-5 grades.  Monday - Thursday begin with Bible class.
  5. Each class session begins with prayer
  6. Each Sporting event (practices and games) begin with prayer

Tabernacle Christian School is organized into four divisions: the Preschool includes our K4 and K5 programs; the Elementary School includes first through fifth grade; the Middle School includes the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades; and ninth through twelfth grades define the High School.

Through coordination among the divisions, our curriculum is designed so that each successive grade adds to the students’ spectrum of knowledge and prepares them for a profitable life.  Through the leadership of our administration and principals, the curriculum is constantly reviewed and refined to ensure the best possible academic and spiritual opportunities for our students.

Our classes are taught with textbooks from Bob Jones University Press and A Beka Book Publications.  We believe that these are the very best textbooks for a Christ-centered and sound education.